A Finesse Tool to Sync Outlook Journals

Have a Look to What Journals in Outlook are? A journal in MS Outlook is a powerful component. It is somewhat similar to diary which holds record of activities, specific records like emails you sent, received phone calls or even the documents you are working on. It is a good way to keep in track of activities you spend time on. You can even keep record for conversation you held in with and elapsed time with. Fields of Journals are listed below:

  • Duration
  • Notes
  • Company
  • Start Time (includes time and date fields)
  • Subject
  • Entry Type

You have created too many Journals folders, which after a time will give you problems, it is better to Sync Outlook Journals PST files into one single Outlook journal file. This way you have all Journals details in a single Journal folder. Open that Journal folder and user it the way you like. It is a time saving idea and gives you opportunity to have quite a simple management of Outlook Journals.

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Sync Outlook PST Journals Quickly

PST Merge software will help you to into one. Besides, dealing with journals, the software can merge multiple PST files Outlook of other Outlook items too into respective folder. You can give a try to software before buying the final purchase of this stellar PST Merge software.

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