Get Online Support for BKF Recovery If BKF File Exceeds its Size Limit

Microsoft Windows is the fabulous Operating system in all over the world and it has become world’s preferred Operating System because of its crucial features, user friendly interface and reliability. Microsoft NTBackup.exe utility is the in-built part of Windows Operating system which is used to protect System data and helps users to avert the issues of data loss. But sometimes we find that many backup files got corrupted due to its size limit because Windows XP file system (FAT) supports only 4 GB limit and if BKF file exceeds its size limit then it will corrupt and no option have left to restore these database without using BKF Repair tool. So, it is important for every user that they always choose ‘verify data after backup’ option because it gives you status that performed backup is in healthy form or not.

Possible Recovery of BKF Files with BKF Repair Tool

BKF Repair tool is a demanded tool and the best option for those who concerned with computer’s world and using NTBackup.exe utility to create a copy of important information, files and folders because corruption can takes place everywhere and in every file whether it is protected or not. BKF Recovery tool provides you online support for BKF recovery without any charge and it helps you to solve you every query related with corrupted backup files.

E-Book of BKF Repair Tool BKF Repair Tool in Action

Some of the useful features of BKF repair tool are given below:

Quick Scan: It uses advanced techniques to quickly repair corrupted backup files. It instantly repair backup files with one phase scan.
Deep Scan: It is an expert features to recover complete database and it uses two-phase scan to recover each and every bit of backup files.
Partial Scan: Master feature of BKF Repair tool to divide huge database into different parts. It is helpful for users to repair limited portion of backup files.

Windows OS Compatible