Online Backup Recovery Software of Superior Quality

If you require Online Backup Recovery Software then, you can choose BKF Repair software. This software can recover backup files with precise information and details.

Backup and its Corruption

Backup refers to the process of making copies of original data. These additional copies can be used for restoring the original data after a data loss situation. NTBackup is the utility program, which is used for backing up the database in Microsoft Windows and BKF is the extension of backup files created by this utility program. In data loss events, when you try to restore the backup files with NTBackup.exe utility, you fail to restore it. This failure of restoring happens due to corruption or damage in backup files. Corruption or damage in backup file takes place due to many reasons like simultaneous working of BITS (Background Transfer Intelligent Service) and backup process, over sizing of backup file (more than 4GB) in FAT 32 file systems etc. Then, you get the need to recover backup files with online backup recovery software because corrupted or damaged backup files cannot be restored with NTbackup.exe utility.

BKF Repair software is a superior backup recovery process because it supports all the editions of Windows, it quickly recovers the entire database of backup files, it offers very easy steps for the execution of backup recovery process, it can recover unlimited backup files, it can recover backup files of unlimited size, it doesn?t make changes to the database of backup files, while recovering them and many more.


Windows OS Compatible