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Welcome to the information store house for much details on MS backup file recovery. The aspects where we will shed light at the corruptions reasons that can damage your BKF files, the errors you might see when your BKF file gets corrupt and last but not the least, our best effort in helping you perform MS backup file recovery.

Corruption Reasons That Can Damage BKF

  • Corruptness of transaction log files of your Windows file system
  • A very common reason for BKF file damage is the malfunctions in your MS Windows backup application
  • At times, the catalog files are lost that caused your BKF to damage
  • At the time of transferring some BKF data over the LAN network, it is possibility that CRC error might occur that damages your backup files
  • The most usual cause of corruption is the inevitable virus attacks and Trojans infections
  • BKF Corruption is likely to occur when backup data restoration is done from off line media
  • It is possible that you would have mounted wrong storage device for data restoration
  • Your system, when closed down in an inappropriate manner (may be due to rush or urgency) also accounts for damage most of the times

Errors You Might See When BKF Gets Corrupt

  • 252500 – Ntbackup.exe May Cause 100 Percent Central Processing Unit Utilization
  • 252264 – Windows 2000 Backup May Not Recognize Conner CTT8000-A Tape Drive
  • 249734 – Backup Software May Not Work Correctly with Remote Storage-Managed Volumes
  • 244408 – XADM: Year Displayed Incorrectly After Restoring Backup
  • 243260 – Changed Command Parameters for Scheduled Backup Job May Not Be Saved
  • 242881 – Advanced Settings Are Not Honored with Scheduled Backups
  • 240392 – Err Msg: The Device Reported an Error on a Request to Write Data to Media
  • 240087 – Restoring NTBackup Sets Generated by Faulty SP4 Tandqic.sys
  • 234492 – Backup Creates New Tape GUID When Writing New Label
  • 233427 – Files and Folders Not Backed Up Using the Ntbackup.exe Tool
  • 227696 – NTBackup Stops During Advanced Backup of Remote Storage Data on Single-Drive Tape Unit

Our Best Effort in Helping You Perform MS Backup File Recovery

Backup data corruption is such a devastating thing, which people are usually afraid to encounter or experience. However, once in the pit of corruption, you need to seek external help to pull yourself out of trouble. The easy pull out is an easy to use MS Backup File Recovery software like the one we provide, BKF Recovery software.

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